My love and passion for the sport of artistic swimming started at the age of 9 when my parents brought me to see a synchronized swimming show in my hometown. I immediately fell in love with the grace and strength these athletes demonstrated... plus the suits and makeup were pretty cool as well! Since that very day, I've always had synchro on my mind. I swam for multiple years and even became a coach.

Throughout these years, I've heard it all (and I'm sure you have as well): "what's synchro?", "that's such a dumb sport... is it even a sport?", "synchro... that's so easy, anyone can do it" and every time I heard those things, I defended the sport passionately, took a moment to explain it to them and promoted how amazing it is!
Isabelle Coaching
That's how Artsy Swim Shop was created. I wanted to create cute, fun apparel that athletes, coaches and family members of the sport can wear or use daily at school, work or on the pool deck to spark conversation and promote the sport! My wish is to see more people promoting Artistic Swimming so that it ultimately grows into a more diverse, inclusive, accessible and appreciated sport around the world.

- Isabelle


athletes doing a single arm movement


We want to see more gender, size, and ethnic diversity in artistic swimming! To do so, we want to offer products that represent everyone who practices artistic swimming. That's why our designs that involve a skin tone, offer you a chance to select the tone that best represents you! We are also working on developing new designs to represent mixed duets and those who have a physical disability.

We've also put in place the Artsy Ambassador initiative, which showcases synchro stories & thoughts from the diversity of athletes and coaches around the world.

If you have any suggestions that you'd like to share, please contact us - we want everyone to have the opportunity to wear synchro clothing that represents their beautiful self!

mixed duet arching their back in a body boost


Our company, along with the people we work with, are consistently working towards reducing their carbon footprint. Paper waste is recycled in the city and excess clothing items or imperfect garments are donated to intercity shelters. One of our goals is to set up a fund to help athletes in need, so they can practice and compete in the sport they love - artistic swimming. Help us achieve this goal!

athlete doing a ballet leg in the middle of a lake

We love discovering new talent and are all about helping people get their first "big break". If you are a talented individual who would like to see their art on products sold in our store, then you should totally contact us! 

If you and your art are a good fit with what Artsy Swim Shop stands for along with our current vision, then we would LOVE to work with you (not for free of course)! We are looking forward to hearing from you :)