Sophie & Chris

Sophie started synchro at the age of seven after attending a synchro summer camp, and Chris got started at the age of six after watching his sister, Sophie from the sidelines. 

Chris is one of a few boys in the sport in Canada. He says this sometimes presents challenges in competitions. A few times, they closed the boys' change room to make more space for the girls, so I had nowhere to change! I once had to change in the lifeguard’s change room! Despite these challenges, I am proud to be one of the first mixed-duets in the country. 

Sophie has had many cool opportunities through synchro.  I was proud to make team Ontario in 2018. It was a great experience and I met lots of people from other clubs across Ontario. I love travelling all over the country, and I especially love going to the banquets after nationals because you meet people from all over the country.

Both of us love the sport because it provides a lot of variety.  It is a combination of swimming, gymnastics and dance. It’s a tight-knit community where everybody cheers for one another. It feels great to see friends from other clubs and teams cheer you on. We are excited to see where synchro takes us in the future!


October 2019 Artsy Ambassadors


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