Hi! My name is Inês and I am a synchronized swimmer from Portugal. I started practicing this amazing sport when my mom told me there was a way for me to combine the two sports I practiced at the time: swimming and dance. This important chapter of my life started 7 years ago.

One of the best memories I have is a summer camp I did in Barcelona. Meeting the national Spanish team, practicing with them and seeing them so focused and motivated for the Olympics 2016 was something that really stood on my mind. Also, the friendships I made and the opportunity to practice with people from all over the world was really enriching!

Another memory that I keep with great affection was when my team and I won the bronze medal at nationals, however, since we weren’t expecting it, one of us was in a robe, the other in a bathing suit, no one was actually wearing the equipment, so, in the photo, you can see that we were not ready for it but the happiness in our faces expresses exactly what we were feeling about that unexpected moment!

Synchro is an important part of my life and I am really glad I got the opportunity to meet this amazing world. We had our ups and downs but in the end, everything was worth it! :)


June 2020 Artsy Ambassador

Inês and her club with the Spanish National Team

Inês doing a wicked body boost!

Inês and her team on the podium at nationalsInês is all smiles after a great performance!

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