My story starts five years ago with a move to a new city and the search for the perfect sport or club for my daughter to join.  We found an ad for registration with the local synchro club and signed her up for a beginner session.  She loved it right away and we became a synchro family.  Her second year of synchro she bumped up to a competitive team and I noticed at one of the competitions a group of women also competing and decided that I also wanted to take part.  I was inspired by their skills, confidence, and how much fun they were having as a group

It took a year or two before we could get the first-ever Masters Synchro Club up and running in our city, finally starting in January of last year.  We started with just two swimmers and a coach but got a lot of questions and interest from other parents and this year our little club has grown to 5 swimmers!    I’m looking forward to our first ever competition in the spring (just figures for now) and working with the team to create a routine for the club’s annual water show.

I love that synchro gives me a great work out and a new group of friends as well as lets me have a shared interest with my daughter!


January 2020 Artsy Ambassador

Heather (red bathing suit) and her teammates

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