My name is Hannah Bennett and I have only been doing Synchro for 4 years. I fell in love with Synchro during the 2016 Olympic Games (when I was 11), I also just so happened to be done all the swimming levels and bronze lifeguard courses I could take up until that point. So that Fall my parents signed me up for the recreational program with Durham Synchro Club. Since then I have swum the last three years with Durham competitively and have had the pleasure to attend 2 out of province meets and made many amazing friendships.

In my first competitive year I showed up to the first practice and there were only four people out of the seven that were supposed to be there. Before the first week of practice were over another person left and we were down to three. Since we were a trio we had to swim in the 13-15 duet category but later that year we got the chance to swim in a trio category in Saskatchewan for the Canadian Prairie Championships. On that trip, we grew closer as teammates and closer to the other Durham swimmers and coaches that came with us.

The 2018-19 season was very draining both physically and mentally. Not only was it my first year swimming a team, but I ended up swimming a duet and a Combo too. But all of that exhaustion paid off when this season I landed a spot on the pink team and even though injuries hit our team, including myself,  we pushed through and I wouldn’t have asked for a better year.

My favourite memory so far is qualifying for and competing at the Ontario Winter Games. I am so thankful for this season and my coaches and teammates that made it so amazing. 


May 2020 Artsy Ambassador

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