My name is Rebecca, I have been a synchronized swimmer for over 15 years now. I started at Burlington Synchro Swim Club (BSSC) then moved to Brant, swam for McMaster University Synchro, and now I'm back at BSSC, swimming Masters (old and sore now) and coaching! I've swam when Synchro was evaluated by “Tiers” in Canada and when it became “age groups”. I was an athlete back in the swishy pants parachute tracksuit days, right up until the new and improved stretch yoga uniforms were implemented. I've seen a lot, and smelled a lot (Knox Gelatin is a beautiful thing).

One of the most interesting stories I have was when I was swimming at Tier 6 National. We were competing in Quebec, and we were scheduled to swim later in the day. However, as they often go, the meet was running behind. We had been in for warm-up, been on land stretching and land drilling, and the time was just getting later and later. We finally got to go on and swim, it was 11:10PM. We ended up having a personal best score and our best swim of the season. It was a whirlwind of a day for sure! Who knows, maybe being overtired is the way to swim best?!

Synchro is an amazing world, my coach for many years is now a mom, and her little daughter is now swimming at the club I coach at, it really has come full circle! Synchro has given me so much! Including my very best friend, who is now my Maid of Honour at my upcoming wedding!



April 2020 Artsy Ambassador


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Rebecca – You never cease to amaze me – it seems everything you do is effortless and beautiful, not just with Synchro but your every day life as well – helping people – on every level. You are a “giver” of the first degree.
Love you to bits AH

Aunt Honey June 05, 2020

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