Hello, my name is Leilani Torres, @SynchroSwimCoach , and I want to invite current athletes of all ages to a reflection since this is the best time to do so. 

I would like to talk about Transformation … I want you to reshape the meaning of failing or failure.  It always sounds negative and my suggestion is that we start seeing it for what it really is.  When we fail, MOST* of the time, we learn, and we become better at our craft.  It is almost like we transform like a Phoenix (Fénix) … we fall and it feels like we are burning from the inside, after we calm down, we become ashes and then we rise like the sun from the inside out.  We become stronger, smarter, and more proactive in our response to any situations (negative or positive) that we may encounter.  Do you agree?

Now, how do we face Transformation or that Pheonix Moment (not failure)? What is our attitude? What value do we give to the situation? How do we value the process up to the result? Are you brave enough to take responsibility?

All these responses will determine the type of athlete/person you will become.  Success is only a matter of learning from every situation you encounter, perseverance and will.

I invite you to reflect on any situation that really "sucked" in the past.  Think of what happened before that moment (process), think about what triggered you to feel like it was a "negative" moment, think about what you could have done differently and think about what you learn.  If you do this exercise, for any Pheonix Moment, You will WIN in the Race of Life!

*If we look back at every situation, I am sure we can look at it with cold head and better perspective.  So, we can really find the positive out of the "negative".



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