Hi, my name is Kim and I'm 24. I fell in love with artistic swimming a long time ago... when I was 7, probably because it combines two of my favourite universes: water and creativity.

Kim's team post competitionArtistic swimming is part of my daily life. As a swimmer and as a coach too. Two years ago, I started to lead a mixed team at the Paris Aquatique Club, in Paris - XXe arrondissement. My club is considered to be the first one of its type in France, which promotes artistic swimming as a male discipline, combating stereotypes and fighting for more inclusion!

Today, I'm very proud to be part of that movement because "Passion should not have borders nor limits". I consider men and women both able to express themselves as artistic swimmers. Whenever I coach my team or I swim with them, I feel how diversity enriches our performances and makes it a resolutely 21st-century sport, far away from the out of date picture people often have.



September 2020 Artsy Ambassador

Kim and her mixed artistic swimming team

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