My name is Bianca Danae Hofstatter and I am 17 years old. I grew up in California, USA and moved to Austria in 2016. In 2014 I was the first athlete to win a medal at the national championship being unaffiliated (without a club). That same year I qualified for the 12 and under National team. After that, I took a two-year break from synchro. In Austria I started again, training with a club and later with the national team.  

Last year was the most interesting year in my synchro career because I trained without a coach. My mom went with me to competitions and my camera was my trainer. I became the junior Austrian national champion in technical solo and competed at my first World Series in Barcelona, all without a coach. In Barcelona it was amazing to see the kindness shown by other countries, telling me my start number, helping me put on my cap and etc. training alone was very challenging. Motivating myself every day even if I was tired and didn’t feel like training. It was a tough year but such a great experience as an athlete. Training alone taught me discipline, self-motivation, and independence. I couldn’t have achieved anything without my mom. So a big thank you for her. 

I am currently on the Austrian national team, training to qualify for the Junior European championship and the junior world championship for solo & duet with my duet partner Hanna Kong’s Bekesi. Looking forward to the journey ahead. I love synchro so much and couldn’t live without it. My favorite part about it is the artistic side :)


November 2019 Artsy Ambassador


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